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Rabu, 05 Juni 2013


Astronomy is a subject that has been studied by scientists in the world since ancient. At that time, the science of astronomy is learned universe by observing the sky traditionally by people who are interested in the creation of the universe. Then carried out further study by scientists in Greek. Astronomy is growing rapidly, even they are able to make simple optical devices such as telescopes. Telescope shape is then refined by Galileo that we now know as "Galileo Telescope". Although Galileo was not the first person to make a telescope, but now the world knows him as the founder of the telescope.

Astronomy is the science of the stars, planets and space. Along with the development of science and technology is growing rapidly in America, now projects world astronomical research and observations focused on NASA (The National Aeronautics and Space Administration), in United State of America. NASA is astronomical institutions that are part of the U.S. government. The institute conducts research includes characteristics of celestial bodies, the elements in other planets, exist the second of earth, creation and development of astronomical software and related software to forecasting of natural events.
Lately, advances in communications technology, especially the availability of a growing network of internet makes astronomy accessible to the entire community. Now astronomy is not only belong to students studying in the department of astronomy. Astronomy has become part of the public who are interested in astronomy, although without a background study astronomy so now there are two groups of them, they are professional astronomy and amateur astronomy. Professional astronomy are those who study astronomy at university in particular majors astronomy. While, the amateur astronomy is a term for people who love astronomy as a hobby, without having to study in especially university in the field of astronomy. Professional astronomy has a special job in the field of astronomy like NASA and other related astronomy institutions, while the amateur astronomy is anyone who does not have the astronomical background including school children, students and the general public.

In almost all countries in this hemisphere has grown each group of amateur astronomy lovers including in Indonesia. For example are Association of Amateur Astronomy in Jakarta named Himpunan Astronomi Amatir Jakarta (based in Planetarium of Jakarta), Jogja Astronomy Club (in Jogjakarta), Surabaya Astronomy Club (Surabaya), Assosiation of Amateur Astronomy in Indonesia’s Southern Sky / Langit Selatan (centered in Planetarium of Tenggarong), UNAWE (Universe Awareness) of Indonesia, etc.

Many activities are done by amateur astronomers in the world. Their activities include object sightings sky with the naked eye or with the aid of a telescope, do the calculation and observation of the new moon, hold a star party, to observe meteor showers, and even do counseling for the community and the public, including in schools. One example is Association of Amateur Astronomy in Jakarta which has named HAAJ (Himpunan Astronomi Amatir Jakarta). This association in once two weeks hold regular meetings to discuss and exchange opinions about astronomy events recently. Participants come from all walks of education and age. Even small children are not in school are also enthusiastic about participating in this event. Their statement like adults outside the mind that makes the other participants dumbfounded. This astronomy community was able to unite people from all walks of life come together with astronomy lovers.
Generally, amateur astronomers study the celestial bodies by means of direct observation or observation looking at the sky. Observations will run smoothly if the sky is clear. If the sky is cloudy or raining then we can not make observations of celestial bodies as stars, the moon and other objects will not appear in our view. But astronomy technology has now progressed so rapidly. We can study astronomy using the software. Now it has growth more sophisticated software in astronomy. There are free softwares like Stellarium and Celestia. This software can help us to make observations without having to look directly at the sky. We will know about a lunar eclipse will occur, when the positions of celestial bodies would be in a straight line, when a meteors shower and so on.

Study in astronomy has many benefits for our lives. We will become more prudent in taking a stand when there are news about astronomical events that shocked. As well as his first doomsday will occur in the 12th month of 12th day and in 2012 year. As we know that now is 2013 year apocalypse event did not happen. The more we known about essential of universe make us objectively and wisely addressing the incidence in this universe. 

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